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Requirements, Policies & Procedures

We want all human and canine participants to have a
fit, fun & safe experience at K9 Fit Club classes! 

Policies & Procedures

All forms must be completed and submitted prior to scheduling your first class. If all forms are not complete, then client will not be cleared to start classes until all required paperwork is submitted and approved. 

The following vaccinations are required: - Bordetella - Distemper - Parvovirus - Rabies

Highly Recommended Vaccinations: Leptospirosis


All Canine workout companions must be at least 6 months old and fully vaccinated for that age based on the above requirements. 


Class Rules 

 The following class rules are in place to reinforce safety protocols and avoid potential safety issues.  All rules are in effect at all times for duration of client’s presence on the property/facility or any facility in which classes are being held. This includes before, during and after each class. Please adhere by the following guidelines:

  1. Dog’s must be leashed at all times 

  2. No nose to nose contact between dogs during the workouts

  3. Keep dog’s spaced away from other dogs at all times

  4. Dog should remain at the owner’s side at all times 

  5. Keep all dogs at a 2-3 foot lead 

  6.  Only positive reinforcement should be used

  7. Please clean up after your pet (if you need a waste bag, just ask). 

  8. Dogs exhibiting any of the following potentially dangerous or disruptive behaviors will be asked to leave class:

    1. overt aggression in the form of growling, lunging, air snapping or biting another dog or human. 

    2. ​growling, snarling, or excessive barking

  9. Prohibited items that could cause injury:

    1. head collars​

    2. flexi or retractable leashes

    3. electronic collars

    4. prong or training collar

    5. harnesses that restrict movement of the arms 


What are Clients required to bring to each class? 

  •  Leash & Collar: A buckle collar with quick release clip and 4 foot lead are recommended. (Pet must be on leash at all times with a collar on.) For a 4- 6 Foot Leash (Knots could be tied in your leash to aid with control in workouts)

  • Safety harnesses are recommended for control of movement for the humane/ canine team. 

  • Water + Towel for Human Client 

  • Your pet’s preferred low calorie treat (or a percentage of their daily food intake to be used as a treat during class)

 * Water will be supplied for your pet. 


Dress code 

  • Come dressed in comfortable workout attire.

  • Tennis shoes are required 

 Registration & Cancellation 

  • Clients will be able to manage their account online and will be responsible for registering for their own classes and canceling classes they have booked.  This may be completed on our website. 

  • When canceling a class, please do so 4 hours prior to the class start time.  Four hour notice is required as classes may have limited availability, and gives ample time for another customer to utilize the open spot.  Failure to cancel in that time frame will result in loss of 1 class credit. 

  •  Many of our classes are held outdoors and therefore will be held weather permitting. If a scheduled class in cancelled due to weather, you will be credited towards a future class. Please check our Facebook page for the latest updates on class cancellations. 

  • K9 Fit Club LLC reserves the right to assign an alternate fitness trainer or reschedule sessions or programs at any time and without notice. 

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